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If you have ever done your own travel planning for a trip on your own, then you know how time consuming it can be. You need to look into and search for airfares, accommodation, transportation, places to go and things to do. All of this can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. (Especially with the internet, it’s so easy to get lost and distracted) Travel Chicks specialize in trip planning and especially groups and will take all of this angst away of trying to do it all yourself. We customize your TRAVEL TRIP so that it EXCEEDS your expectations and fulfills your wildest dreams.It doesn’t matter if you are a single person who loves to travel, a person who is in a relationship where your partner doesn’t like to travel or you cannot find others to join you on your next trip, we accept ALL SOLO & SINGLE travelers to join in on our party.

Our top 3 things we absolutely love are:

1) Bringing Singles together to travel the world and see the amazing sights, while creating memories that last and friendships that flourish.

2) Teaching entrepreneurs how to create, execute and launch their very own masterminds or retreats in destinations globally.

3) Creating & Curating trips designed specifically for what you are looking for

Luxury Travel at VIP Pricing

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Group Travel
Group Travel

Travel Chicks organize monthly meet up evenings locally and book group travel trips for like minded people. We take the time to curate epic trips and meetups where you are also invited to share your travel experience with the members. They bring single people together to have the time of their life at a fun destination

For more info visit:

Calgary Meetup: #YYC Singles Meetup. Edmonton Meetup: #YEG Single Travelers

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Entrepreneur Retreats & Masterminds

If you are an entrepreneur who has dreamed of taking your tribe to a different destination OR you’re looking for a business building retreat, look no further. Melissa has over 10 years curating memorable retreats and can also teach entrepreneurs what they need in their business to help them grow and reach their goals. Contact Melissa directly for your next retreat: