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Meet Patience Grace

Okay, I gotta be totally real and upfront. I’ve missed out on a lot of writing over these past few years, mostly because I was growing a baby and then birthing a baby. Her name is Patience Grace, and man oh man it is no accident I named her after something that every parent needs to be reminded of every single day. Patience is a virtue because if not practised on a daily basis, we are most likely operating out of a place of anxiety and worry. Our breath becomes shallow and we feel we are in a hurry all the time.

In these last 20 months, I have been given the gift of exercising patience every day. If you are a parent, you no exactly what I mean. And I thought I had it figured out with all my friends who have kids, but nope I sure didn’t. They were right. You have no clue what it is like to be a parent until you’re in the thick of it. So needless to say, I’m back and we’re back and our team is growing. Travel Chicks is super excited to come to you consistently, sharing our adventures, our travel tips and most of all the beautiful world in which we live. Live vicariously through us through our journeys or join us on one of our trips. Without further adieu, here she is, Patience Grace. She was born at a bright hour of 3:28am on February 20th, 2016. She has transformed hundreds of lives in her 674 days on this physical realm. (pic here)

She has been on over 40 flights and counting. As I write this, we are currently sitting on our balcony overlooking the beautiful pool at the JW Marriott Guanacaste in Costa Rica. I’ll update you on our stay here in a later post. What I want to share with you, despite the big lessons this beautiful baby is teaching me so far, I want to share with you that anything in your life is possible, and I truly believe that travel is a very important part of your growth. It teaches you many things about life, different cultures, different ways of being, different habitats, and most of all it teaches you a lot about yourself and how you are able to adapt quickly, handle turbulence and meet new people.

As you view other pictures of people on vacation or having a working holiday in a tropical place, do you ever find yourself saying: “I wish I could do that, or it’ll be 5 years before I can afford to take my family on a trip like that?” Sound familiar? I used to be stuck saying this too, and then I figured out ways of how I can incorporate more travel, and often times for free and I want to teach you how to begin to open your mind to what’s really possible for you in this life. Let me tell you a secret, you are able to afford a trip to that tropical place with your family, you just gotta get creative. If you are interested in learning how you can earn a free trip with Travel Chicks email me directly I will be in touch soon.