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Travel-Agent-CartoonDo you want more freedom in work? Are you a stay at home mom wanting to make money from home? Do you just want to make some extra cash on your own terms?


Travel Chicks is for you!


We can help you build your own independent travel agency within Travel Chicks, allowing you to work where you want, when you want, while having the perks of being a Travel Chick!


So what are the perks?


~ Experienced travel trainers and 24/7 support

~ (For only $35 monthly! And just ask us how to get this fee waived)

~ Complete turn-key approach

~ Immediate training opportunities

~ Overhead covered by Travel Chicks

~ Travel Chicks is fully licensed, bonded and insured

~ Travel Chicks is an established brand

~ Insurance coverage for up to $1,000,000 Errors and Omissions

~ Accounts set-up, your tools are ready immediately!

~ TRAVEL BENEFITS! Travel at a discount or even FREE

~ So much more!


What do we need from you to start?


~ Your passion, interest, and commitment is number one!

~ $1395 (or 3 easy payments of $500) start-up cost (one time) to cover all initial training, accounts, account setup, errors and omissions, and on-going training

~ Commitment to yourself to be your own BEST BOSS




Travel Chicks can help you start that travel business you’ve been dreaming about for up to a 90% price reduction!

We’ve got you covered to start running your own life, turn your passions into a profitable business AND make money doing something you love.


Contact us to get your account started immediately! Take back your life NOW!

If this sounds like something that has peaked your interest please call the CEO today Melissa 1-866-934-8463  or email us at to secure your position.

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