Your Group Travel Gurus


Travel Consulting

Our specialty is groups. We love bringing people of like minds together to share unforgettable experiences. Whether you are planning a friend’s getaway, family vacation or a company incentive trip, we have you covered. Our team of professionals will walk you through the planning, logistics and execution of all travel related services. We make it easy for you and all of your guests to get to your destination with ease. We attend to your group’s specific travel needs, book flights, hotels, tours and manage all payments for you.

Retreat Planning

If you have ever wanted to run your very own retreat, Melissa is your go to gal for this. She specializes in planning, managing and facilitating retreats all around the globe. Whether you would like to take a group of people locally, here in Alberta or venture off into other parts of the world, Melissa will assist you and make the process simple.

Lifestyle Design

Melissa and her team of professionals have an innate ability to show others and help them turn their passions into a profitable business. Often times, people think it is not possible to get paid for what they love to do. Melissa & the team walk people through processes so they can develop action plans, executable in 90 days and watch as their life unfolds beyond their imagination. The key main focus points are Relationships, Diet & Nutrition and Travel.

If you are in a place in your life where you are sick and tired of your job and know there is a deeper calling within you to do something different but have no idea how or where to start click the link below and let’s have a conversation about this immediately. You only live once #YOLO…..make it count. You matter.