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Techie Travel Gadgets You’ve Got To See

I love gadgets. There, I said it. And I really love travel gadgets. I spotted this awesome video by iJustine, who travels all over the world and has become quite the online sensation. In this particular video, she talks about some her favourite travel gadgets. Go ahead, watch the video below–it’s just a few minutes long.


Personally, I really like the idea of that pillow–she’s so right, trying to sleep on a plane, train or bus with ear buds or headphones can be really uncomfortable. What a great way to start your vacation–listening to the soothing sounds of ocean waves with soft Caribbean tunes gently playing in the background. Well, that’s what I envision, but whatever you find soothing works, too 😉

What are some of your must-have travel gadgets? Share them with us here!

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