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Traveling Gypsy or Suitcase Entrepreneur

You know there was a time in my life, not long ago where I had to have it all; the nice house I OWNED, a sweet ride that I OWNED, a fancy lifestyle to say the least. Now, I have released a lot of stuff, material possessions and I’ve chosen not to have a fixed address, not to live anywhere and just simply take life as it is. I no longer own a house, have given a lot of stuff away, used the storage facility for things i choose to keep and I am living out of my vehicle. I am a suitcase entrepreneur or gypsy as many prefer to call it. Whatever it is, it is ok with me.

I realize that a lot of the stuff I owned made me no better or bigger of a person. It just defined me, or so I chose to allow it define me. Your “stuff” does not define who you are. It is very similar to saying your career does not define who you are. Let me ask you a question “Who Are You?”

This is the defining question. Most people respond by saying: I am a doctor, lawyer, account, real estate agent, etc. This isn’t who you are. This is what you do. Who are you really? For myself, I am a beacon of hope for others. I am a light unto others. I am a catalyst for change and a transformation expert. I am not my job. I am not my career. I am not a slave to the man persay. I am me. Wee ol Melissa.

At the end of the year when I decided I was more or less homeless, it scared the shit out of me. I had no clue what my plan was. I didn’t know where I’d be 3 months from now. All I have is right now. This moment of time is all I got. We all have just moment by moment. The problem is that so many of us operate in this thing called fear. Fear is anticipation of pain. The pain that you’ve endured at a previous moment. You base a lot of future things that happen from a past experience or relationship you’ve encountered. It takes you out of the present into the future based on past dealings. This is not how life is intended on being lived. You deserve more. You deserve better. You deserve to set your own self free. What is it costing you by staying stuck in the past or worried about the future?

I am living proof that you can be successful and not be attached to anything. You don’t need a fancy car, a big house, a huge pay cheque. What you need is relationships. Relationships are the new currency. Without relationships, business wouldn’t be conducted, deals wouldn’t be closed, kids wouldn’t be born, people wouldn’t fall in love, car sales would decline, and so on and so forth. You get my point.

People relate through stories. Share your story, This is your invitation. Don’t be ashamed. Be proud. We are all walking around feeling the same thing, yet too afraid to talk about it. This is why I do what I do. People share their darkest secrets with me, always. Why? Because I create the safe space for others to express themselves. I have no judgements. In fact, who am I to judge when I used to be the strung out druggie on the floor crying for help. People are people. We all have and share similar stories. It is time to start bringing these stories to surface to save yourself and to save others. No shame. No guilt. No embarrassment. You. The real, raw you. (flaws and everything) Who cares? The moment you can release all judgements, fears, and the moment you can release other’s expectations & opinions of you is the moment you will begin to share your story confidently and with conviction. When you can do this, is the moment your breakthrough will happen and you will truly see the gifts that reside within the very depts of your soul.

xoxo Melissa