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Copy of Helping SOLO Females Find Friend
Copy of Helping SOLO Females Find Friend

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Solo Adventures

Male & female solo travel enthusiast trips

Got the time, money & freedom to travel, but nobody to hop on a plane with? No worries! We got your back. We pair you up with other solo travelers so you can ease your mind and begin crossing off places on your bucket list .

Traveling Girl

Millenial Adventures

Trips for those young at heart

Are you a millenial in pursuit of passion, purpose or pure excitement and joy? We have partnered with a few key operators who curate some of the world's best and most fun adventures you will ever embark on!


All Inclusive


Enjoy 5, 7, 10 or 14 day all inclusive trips

Relax on a beach or set sail on a dreamy cruise ship and relax into and allow everything to be taken care of for you. Have the comfort of traveling in a group yet plenty of time to do your own thing.

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Mountain Drone

EPIC Events & Workshops

Geared for travelers, agents & biz owners

We curate monthly, weekly and quarterly events around the globe. From masterminding with travel agents and business owners to inspiring future travelers to join us on an epic trip! Find something just right for you.

Do Travel Differently With a Drone


Ever dreamed of capturing your own footage with a drone? Whether it be a special family gathering, a destination wedding, or you simply want some sweet videos with a drone! Connect with our professional, custom videographer & drone expert for your next trip!

Interested in Leading a Group

We are always seeking enthusiastic group leaders to assist us with our group adventures. Immerse yourself in travel more and receive special perks as a Travel Chicks Group Leader. Inquire Today.

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