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"Should I go?"


Here are the things that CLHIA suggests consumers consider when deciding to travel outside of Canada:

  • In an effort to limit exposure for their citizens, many countries around the world have implemented new restrictions for entry, therefore it is important to research current entry requirements for your destination (e.g. passport, visa, quarantine upon arrival, proof of insurance). In this regard, CLHIA suggests to consult this IATA page . CLICK BUTTON BELOW.

  • With the COVID-19 pandemic still unstable, governments elsewhere in the world may change or impose new restrictions on travel within their borders, which could impact travel plans.

  • If governments implement lockdowns while you’re travelling, your options for accessing return flights or to return as scheduled may be limited.

  • If you have a health emergency at destination, access to healthcare may be reduced or unavailable.

  • Canada has indicated that they will not repatriate Canadians who choose to travel.

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Country Requirements Prior to Entry:


You MUST fill Arrive CAN out PRIOR to entering Canada!

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